No Feeling with the other couple? Here’s how to do it

No Feeling with the other couple

In the life of a  swinger couple,  sooner or later it happens to meet people with whom, despite all good intentions, the spark does not strike. Especially in the first experiences, in fact, it can be difficult to understand immediately if the other couple is the right one to play and this can cause considerable embarrassment if you find yourself having to back down. However, it is important to understand that no one is attracted to everyone and that even in the exchange of couples,  likes, dislikes or simply sexual compatibility can be complex to decipher and changeable, for this reason it is necessary to be able to understand when there really is no harmony and to behave accordingly, with maturity and decision, whether one is on the side of someone who decides to take a step back or on the side of who is “rejected”: what to do then  if the Feeling does not take off  and how to transform the embarrassment into serenity?

Is it possible to back out in the couple swap?

Life  as a swinger  is made up of many different situations, which make this choice even more intriguing and eventful: whether you are at a  private swinger party  or in a private club, in fact, various eventualities can happen which it is important to know how to handle correctly. The more experienced and mature swingers now know how to extricate themselves from the thousand facets of this world, but  for those who are making their first experiences  it can be difficult and embarrassing to face some situations, such as having to refuse another couple.

In reality this is not such a rare occurrence, on the contrary it is quite frequent that when you do not yet know your limits and preferences well you can find yourself changing your mind during games in progress for the most disparate reasons. Those who have been in the  swinger world  for a long time are usually able to immediately understand if something is wrong and stop if necessary, on the other hand there is nothing wrong with having your own tastes and preferences even more if in the bedroom: withdrawing is therefore not only possible but also necessary if you don’t feel at ease and whoever is on the other side must maturely accept that the  desired understanding has not taken place .

Obviously, however, even in rejection it is advisable to have the right ways and  behave with respect for others , perhaps even with a pinch of irony.

Be respectful and honest

If during an appointment  the right feeling is not triggered , one of the first rules ever is to  be respectful and honest  both with yourself and with the other participants. Read full

Facial, it’s not just for Porn

Facial, it's not just for Porn

In the era of #metoo and great awareness of issues related to respect for the female world (and God forbid), talking about Facial could sound almost outrageous.

Yet the  Facial is not always seen as an offensive practice, far from it, and this is demonstrated by the many women and girls who love to go all the way and without taboos, free from inhibitions. What’s wrong with concluding an oral relationship with a sketch of love to show your partner the utmost liking?

Because this is precisely the focal point of the matter, the Facial  is one of the many sexual practices that an involved and passionate couple can decide to try, no more and no less than a cunnilingus, a 69 or an always green doggy style . So why not do it better?

To understand which are the best areas of the face where coitus should take place or how to improve the quantity and taste of sperm, you need to pay attention to a few simple rules.

What are the parts of the face to avoid

cumshot in the face can be the exclamation point of a night of love and sex, but it can also become a real nightmare, something very annoying, if some precautions are not taken into account. Whether you are 2, 3 or in the middle of a  Bukkake, even if you are caught up in the excitement, it is necessary to remain aware.

It is very important to avoid the eye area , a squirt of semen in the pupils causes discomfort and burning, and this would spoil the erotic atmosphere. But more importantly , there may be some risk of infection if your partner is HIV positive.

Another area to avoid is definitely the hair , as sperm is difficult to remove and tends to become encrusted. Especially if your partner has just washed their hair, it is good to be a little careful.

Once these simple precautions have been taken into account, the face becomes an erogenous zone par excellence where it is possible to conclude sexual or oral intercourse.

The best parts to come

The lips and cheeks are strong points to cause pleasure also to the partner, the neck and the chin are also excellent areas very welcome in general by women and boys. And if you’re particularly familiar with controlling the direction of the sketch, you can do it freely on the face, as long as you pay attention to your eyes and hair.

Many women prefer powerful and abundant squirts , both for the areas of the face and for a cumshot in the mouth. This last area is the best in terms of sensations and can give you an intense and wonderful orgasm. Read full

Embracing Identity: Understanding the Reality of Lesbians


Lesbians are an integral part of the diverse tapestry of human sexuality. Despite progress towards acceptance and inclusivity, misconceptions and stereotypes still persist. In this article, we aim to shed light on the reality of lesbians, exploring their experiences, challenges, and the vibrant community they contribute to.

Defining Lesbian Identity

Lesbians are women who are emotionally, romantically, and sexually attracted to other women. It is important to acknowledge that lesbian identity is a deeply personal and varied experience, encompassing a diverse range of backgrounds, cultures, and expressions of sexuality.

Challenging Stereotypes

Lesbian stereotypes often perpetuate misconceptions. It is crucial to dispel these myths and recognize that lesbians are not a monolithic group. They come from diverse walks of life, with varying interests, professions, and cultural backgrounds. Like anyone else, lesbians have their unique personalities and experiences that shape their lives.

Navigating Coming Out

Coming out as a lesbian can be a deeply personal and complex journey. It involves self-acceptance, and the process can differ for each individual. Factors such as family dynamics, cultural backgrounds, and personal circumstances play a significant role. Supportive environments, inclusive communities, and access to resources are crucial in ensuring a positive and empowering coming-out experience.

Building Relationships and Families

Lesbian relationships are as diverse and meaningful as any other. Lesbians form deep emotional connections and build families based on love and commitment. Some may choose marriage or civil partnerships where legal, while others opt for cohabitation or other forms of partnership. Assisted reproductive technologies and adoption provide avenues for building families, highlighting the resilience and determination of lesbian couples.

Overcoming Challenges

Lesbians often face unique challenges in society. Homophobia, discrimination, and lack of legal protection can impact their lives. Workplace discrimination, access to healthcare, and the right to be recognized as equal citizens are ongoing battles. Community support, advocacy, and legal protections are vital in ensuring that lesbians are treated with dignity and respect.

Community and Support

Lesbians find strength and support within their communities. LGBTQ+ organizations, social groups, and online platforms offer spaces for connection, empowerment, and activism. These communities provide invaluable support, fostering a sense of belonging and creating safe spaces for expression, celebration, and the fight for equality.

Understanding the reality of lesbians requires recognizing the rich diversity of their experiences. Lesbians are strong, resilient individuals who navigate unique challenges while embracing their identities with pride. By dispelling stereotypes, fostering inclusivity, and promoting equality, society can create a more accepting and supportive environment for lesbians and the LGBTQ+ community as a whole. It is crucial to celebrate their contributions, amplify their voices, and continue advocating for a world where everyone can embrace their true selves without fear or discrimination.… Read full

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beautiful escorts in London

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A few of the sexual things that you can check out Ealing escorts with powdered brows in related article and post

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I securely believe all the hot women operating in London as party girls own the best tits

Party girls for overnight booking

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However, I do not have the same viewpoint for party girls of all the places since at some places I got party girls at budget friendly price, but I never ever got really sexy ladies from them. Likewise, when I look at hot women, then I prefer to take a look at their tits and if I do not see any destination in their tits, then I do not get great fun with the. This is one issue that I got with many paid companions at many locations leaving out London. Along with many big cities, I spent time with numerous beautiful ladies in London also and in London I constantly got really hot girls with remarkable tits.

naked redhead - overnight expressAs a matter of truth, when I initially dated hot girls in London by means of party girls choice, then I was worried about the feel and parlance of their tits. However, soon after couple of dates, I understood that my those concerns were unwarranted and I understood hot girls in London also own a few of the very best tits. I am taking party girls because a very long time and until this time I me many hot ladies in London by means of party girls services. Throughout this time I never discovered a single lady who had non attractive tits and I made this opinion since that experience.

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